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GBAAS is a registered non-profit organization based in Penticton, BC, Canada

Everyone is welcome to attend the 2018 GBAAS AGM

Join us at the 2018 AGM for the Get Bent Active Arts Society in Penticton.  This is your opportunity to join a passionate group of volunteers who help provide positive arts and leadership programs to youth in our community.    Please consider sharing your time and talents as a volunteer member of the Get Bent Active Arts Society.   Everyone is welcome to attend our AGM.

Date & Time:  Tues. December 18 at 5:45pm   Location: The Nest & Nectar Restaurant, Cannery Trade Centre, Penticton, BC

*Appies, tea and coffee provided*


  • To promote youth leadership and performing arts education

  • To increase opportunities for public performances

  • To encourage artistic and cultural development and collaboration

Get Bent Active Arts Society (GBAAS)

  • helps youth attend valuable leadership and performing arts programs
  • provides leadership and performing arts programs to youth that enhance self-esteem, body-image and cultural respect
  • provides performing artists with opportunities to perform and collaborate throughout Canada





GBAAS Youth Leadership & Performing Arts Programs

Performing Arts Programs

GBAAS helps local dancers participate in dance shows and conferences throughout Canada.  These programs help dancers learn new skills, collaborate with other artists, and showcase their talents in other communities.  These opportunities are funded by the generous donations and sponsorships we receive each year.  Tickets from GBAAS Fundraising Shows also help fund our other programs including the "Esteem Team" and "Youth Scholarships".

Youth Leadership Programs

The GBAAS Esteem Team is a group of youth volunteers aged 12-18.  These inspiring youth create workshops to promote self-esteem and positive body-image to Grade 5 & 6 students.  Each year, the Esteem Team raises funds so they can present their uplifting workshops at schools throughout the province.  To make a donation or book the Esteem Team for a school presentation, please contact us at: 250-462-1025

GBAAS Youth Scholarships

We believe all youth should have equal access to positive leadership, artistic, and cultural programs.  With your generous support, GBAAS awards annual financial scholarships to youth-in-need so they can participate in these essential programs.  These programs have a lifelong impact on youth by helping build self-confidence, compassion, discipline, teamwork, program solving and leadership skills.

BODY LOVE ~ speech & dance Get Bent SNOWBALL
How to support GBAAS Programs

Become a GBAAS member, donor or sponsor

Your donations make a huge impact on youth and performing artists.  To become a GBAAS member, donor or sponsor, please contact us at:


Good deed sends dancers on trip of a lifetime

Get Bent dancers hug as they listen to Richard Williams speak about his decision to help them financially to attend an international event in Toronto.  Seven girls and their instructors were scheduled to leave from Penticton Regional Airport this morning (March 30). — image credit: Mark Brett/Penticton Western News

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